ProxyMania offers its users only high-quality customized IPv4 and IPv6 proxies for absolutely any purpose.

Our proxies work under any known protocol: http, https, SOCKS5, SOCKS4. Also our service offers a lot of additional functions, which we provide absolutely free of charge.

Buy a proxy for any purpose

Proxy servers help solve a large number of problems – from anonymous browsing on the World Wide Web to parsing the necessary data into many streams using various software. Thanks to our proxy servers, you can avoid blocking your main IP address, thereby increasing the efficiency of your work, and also directly solve the necessary problems as an anonymizer. Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of sites and services that offer “free” proxies in large volumes. We will only be glad if you can choose a free proxy server that suits your goals and objectives. However, you will soon see for yourself that such a concept as a “proxy” simply cannot be associated with free services. Even if you do find a suitable free working proxy, its performance, as well as stability, can raise many questions and problems during the work process.

Why does it make sense to buy a proxy on ProxyMania?

Today, ProxyMania is one of the leaders in the proxy server services market. Hundreds of regular users trust us, which we are undoubtedly proud of. Thanks to this support, we are trying every day to make our service even better. We can safely say that our team has extensive experience, as well as the entire necessary knowledge base in this area in order to provide truly high-quality service and continue to maintain a leading position in the proxy server market. We are always ready to offer you only high-quality products: Personal IPv4 proxies Personal IPv6 proxies Shared IPv4 proxy for three users Dynamic IPv6 proxies

What problems can our cheap proxies help you solve?

Our service provides a wide range of services to solve almost any problem that a user may have. Our reliable and stable proxies will help in the following areas: IPv6 proxy (country: Russia) is perfect for working on social networks and some services (Instagram, FaceBook, Google+, YouTube, Yandex, Google) IPv4 proxy (country Russia) is used to work on any sites and services (for example, VK, services (including Odnoklassniki), Pinterest, Twitter) SEO services and special software that require a proxy for productive work with accounts on social networks, as well as for bypassing IP address blocking from search engines, for parsing search results and third-party resources (for example, the Key Collector program for collecting keywords from WordStat from WordStat Yandex, Brobot, Sobot, SocialKit, Tooligram, Botsapp, Instap, Smmplaner, VKJust, VK accounts manager and many others). Anonymous and secure access to all Internet resources By choosing, you will receive a truly high-quality service with uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day.


Best Price Guarantee
Best value for money product https proxy protocol

Proxies are available in HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 formatIndividual proxies

1-hand issue
Proxies are issued per user

API for developers
Integration of our service into your software Optimal load distribution on the proxy

Load Balancing
Optimal load distribution across servers forget about proxy crashes IP proxy rotation

IP Rotation
Replacing an IPv6 proxy based on a specified timer automatically in personal account

Native IPv6
Elite IP addresses not blocked on social networksStable proxy servers

Powerful dedicated servers
All proxies with a 1 Gbit/sTech channel. proxy support

24/7 customer support

Proxy Mania

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